Gillian Sorensen

Keynote Speaker, 2018 UNA-NCA Annual Meeting

GILLIAN SORENSEN has had a long career working with and for the United Nations.  She served as Assistant Secretary-General for External Relations on appointment by both Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali where she was responsible for outreach to civil society, religious leaders, the academic world, politicians and both friends and critics of the UN.   She worked with groups committed to peace, justice, development and human rights and addressed United Nations Associations and Model UNs from around the world.  She directed the UN's 50th Anniversary observances and the coordination of the UN50 Summit.  She is an experienced public speaker and advocate and has addressed over 1000 audiences as diverse as Rotary International and West Point Military Academy.

Gillian also served as National Advocate at the United Nations Foundation, extending the message and strengthening support for the UN.   Earlier, she was the New York City Commissioner for the UN and Consular Corps, head of the city's liaison office with 30,000 diplomats.

She is a graduate of Smith College and has twice been a Fellow at Harvard.  She serves on the Board of the International Rescue Committee working on refugee issues and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Gillian is the widow of Ted Sorensen, speechwriter and Special Counsel to President Kennedy.   They are parents of a daughter, a former Peace Corps volunteer and now a professor of law at Northwestern University.   Gillian resides in New York City.