Sergio Martinez, International Monetary Fund
Please meet our new Sustainable Development Committee Co-Chair, Sergio Martinez!

Sergio_Martinez_-_Headshot_PhotoSergio Martinez is an economist and young professional with more than five years of experience in evaluation, research and strategic analysis of development and business projects across multiple sectors. His projects have covered several areas concerning the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranging from education and economic growth to peace and security, to clean energy and climate change. He is currently a research and data analysis consultant at the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie Impact) and Equilo – a web-based app for customized gender analysis and action plans, where he actively contributes to generating evidence-based policy-making strategies and development analytics tools for international development projects. 

Mr. Martinez is a resident of Arlington, Virginia and has been a UNA-USA member and an active participant of the UNA-NCA’s Sustainable Development Committee since 2016. During this time, he has played several leadership roles in promoting the committee’s involvement in the nation’s capital policy community working towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. In 2017, he contributed to organizing the committee’s events titled, “The Refugee Crisis: Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions,” and “Congress and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Lawmaker’s Perspective on Strong U.S. Leadership in the UN and on Climate Action.” Mr. Martinez also co-founded the Educational Working Group (EWG), an internal operative unit housed within the Sustainable Development Committee which is aimed at promoting policy dialogue around the Global Goal 4 (Quality Education). Prior to his appointment as the committee’s chair, he served as the EWG’s Director of Research and Analysis, coordinating the organization of an event addressing the state of global quality of education and transparency and accountability in the DC Public Schools, scheduled to take place this coming fall.

Mr. Martinez is originally from Guatemala and is a native Spanish speaker. He moved to Washington, DC in 2015 to pursue his Master’s in Integral Economics Development Policy at The Catholic University of America. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Economics from the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala.