Gilad Sevitt


Gilad Sevitt, Founder and Professional Director of Madrasa

Gilad Sevitt, a social entrepreneur from Jerusalem, is the founder and
professional director of Madrasa – an organization that offers a unique
free platform in Hebrew for learning spoken Arabic, used by tens of
thousands of people. Madrasa aims to better the communication between
Israelis and Palestinians and to create a society in Israel that can
communicate also in Arabic.

After spending a few years as an environmental activist, in the age of 23
he started giving free Arabic lessons at home. While realizing that this
could be exposed to so much more people, he established Madrasa with a
group of friends. Since then he is the teacher in the online lessons,
writing the curriculum and works together with the CEO on building well
established strategy and fulfilling the vision of Madrasa.
Gilad holds a B.A in Sociology, Anthropology, Arabic and Buddhism, plays
music, has a huge interest in social change, and participates in programs
promoting dialog and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.