Donate to the WBCCC By Donor-Advised-Fund or Charitable Trust
Please follow whatever procedures are required for charitable donations to nonprofit organizations by your personal DAF or charitable trust. The donation will be made directly to UNA-NCA at the following address:

UN Association of the National Capital Area
Attn: Paula Boland
2000 P Street NW
Suite 540
Washington, DC 20036

You will thus receive receipts of donations from UNA-NCA and from your DAF or charitable trust. To request a corporate match, first locate UNA-NCA in the CCC Benevity site, click on the green +Request Match button. Complete the remainder of the form, and upload your receipt from your DAF/charitable trust and UNA-NCA. Finally, click the Submit Your Donation button, which will place your match request form in the queue for approval by the CCC administrator. Please note that the name on the DAF/charitable trust and/or organization receipt must match your name.