Melissa Wolfe
Vice President, Governance

Melissa Wolfe chairs UNA-NCA’s Governance Committee. She lends expertise and counsel on governance best practices to UNA-NCA and most notably led the process to develop UNA-NCA’s current strategic plan and 2019 business plan.  Melissa is United Way Worldwide’s Director of Governance.  As part of the Executive Office team, she is responsible for governance strategies for the global network and she manages the work of United Way’s Worldwide and U.S.A. National Boards.  She also provides technical assistance to United Way’s members and international partners in 41 countries and territories.  Melissa is a National Association of Corporate Directors Governance Fellow and was recognized as one of 24 America’s Leaders of Change by the National Urban Fellows. She is also a past recipient of UNA-NCA’s Evelyn Falkowski Service Award for advancing the mission of the United Nations and for strengthening UNA-NCA as an organization.

Vision Statement
The United Nations charter remains as relevant today as it did in 1945.  The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development invites all of us from around the world to be a part of truly global solutions. As a member of the UNA-NCA board, I am honored and privileged to contribute to this work and I look forward to advancing our organization’s mission in the next few years.