Thomas Bradley - VP Development
Tom Bradley has been a member of the Board of Directors of UNA-NCA since 2009, and has been Vice President for Development since 2013.  He was executive director and chief executive officer of a non-profit, educational foundation, and he has been senior analyst, consultant, and director of business development for three private consulting and contracting firms in the Washington area.  He served thirty years on active duty as an officer in the United States Air Force.  He spent much of his military career responsible for enhancing US military international relationships and promoting worldwide engagement with international military and civilian officials.

Vision Statement:  I believe in the United Nations as a major force encouraging and maintaining peace for the last 70 years.  Without the UN, the world would have been even more violent than it has been, and life more poor, nasty, brutish, and short for the majority of mankind.  Through concerted action with other nations, the United States can provide an environment for peaceful resolution of the world’s most complex and hardest-to-solve problems and challenges.  UNA-NCA can use its unique position in the national capital to reach out to national and local citizens, opinion leaders, and our government to educate, mobilize, and inspire Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, to strengthen the United Nations system, to promote constructive United States leadership in that system, and to achieve the goals of the UN Charter.  I want to raise revenue through all funding sources to meet anticipated budget needs every year, and to set the foundation for increased revenue in future years through development of long-term, solid relationships with all funding sources.