Nancy Donaldson

Director, Washington Office, International Labor Organization

Topics: Healthcare reform, Labor, Legislative campaigns, Social, humanitarian & peace issues

Regions: None specified

Bio: The International Labor Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, has appointed Nancy Donaldson to head its Washington Office. Ms. Donaldson brings in-depth knowledge of the ILO, its constituents and issues to her new position. She has advised governments and corporations for 25 years. She also served as an advisor to the ILO Washington office with U.S. policy makers on core labor standards and the decent work agenda since 2005. Earlier in her career, she worked for AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern.

Upon announcing the appointment, ILO Director General Juan Somavia said, “Ms. Donaldson’s years of experience in Washington and extensive policy expertise will make her a strong addition to our team and ongoing work."

The ILO is working with G-20 leaders in their commitment to implement recovery plans that support decent work, help preserve employment, prioritize job growth and provide support for the unemployed. Mr. Somavia stated, "Nancy’s prior work with the ILO and our constituencies will ensure that the ILO continues to deliver on its commitments.”

Other accomplishments include advancing a successful, bipartisan campaign to release U.S. dues to the UN and representing global corporate clients to support full funding of the UNAIDS initiative. Her work on social, humanitarian and peace issues has included representing internationally recognized scientists on nuclear non-proliferation; leading U.S. coalition-based legislative campaigns for regulation of tobacco; healthcare reform; health and safety in the workplace; and extending family and medical leave as a protected right.

Source: http://www.ilo.org/global/about-the-ilo/newsroom/news/WCM_041830/lang--en/index.htm