Position Description: Chair, Advisory Council
The Advisory Council (AC) Chair’s primary roles and responsibilities are to foster and build the strength of the AC by identifying, reviewing and recruiting experienced leaders in the National Capital Area from the fields of activity relevant to the UNA-NCA mission. These include the areas of diplomacy, international affairs, international development, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and human rights.  The Chair is expected to reach out to find and encourage participation in the AC from leaders in academia, government, NGOs and CSOs, business, philanthropic institutions, and international organizations. 

The Chair regularly fulfills this role through interaction and consultation with the key current and past officers of the UNA-NCA. The Chair also serves on the Board of Directors by election for a two year term, extendable by election for a second two year term.  The AC Chair normally is also appointed by the President to serve on the Executive Committee of the Board.

The Chair maintains communication with the AC members, currently a group of 60, to engage them in a variety of activities of the Chapter, and to encourage their voluntary commitment to roles as mentors, speakers, resource specialists, advocates and other activities to support the standing committees, task forces and special events of the Chapter.

The Chair, in support of the President’s appeals for funding, communicates with the AC members, to make voluntary financial contributions to programs and operations of the UNA-NCA. 

The Chair may also choose to participate in the full range of committee, programs and activities of the UNA-NCA, and its related organizations the UN Foundation, UNA-USA, and the Better World Campaign.

To maintain relevant contacts and relationships in order to strengthen the AC, the Chair is expected to attend and participate in meetings, conferences and activities of relevant UN and other organizations.

Candidates for the Chair position, should have a broad range of relevant organization leadership roles and be familiar with a number of the issues in the fields of the UN work and policy concerns. The Chair may expect to spend a minimum of 10 to 15 hours of voluntary time per week, and the schedule of activities will vary based on the annual program schedule of the Chapter.

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