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Legacy Gifts

Build your legacy plan!

UNA-NCA is a non-profit organization supported by members who believe in the importance of its mission. Become a member of the UNA-NCA Legacy Circle by remembering UNA-NCA in your will.

Members can also join the Legacy Circle with monthly contributions of $25 or more. Scheduled contributions can be set-up through monthly checks made payable to UNA-NCA (2000 P Street, NW, Suite 540, Washington DC 20036) or through our secure portal using credit card. To set up scheduled monthly contributions, please contact us at 202-223-6092 so that we can assist you with the process.

Such planned gift options are attractive because they give the donor financial flexibility. Legacy gifts can be revocable, through a charitable bequest in a will, so they can be revoked at any time. Or, they can be irrevocable and thus provide immediate tax relief to the donor. Furthermore, members of UNA-NCA's Legacy Circle are recognized in the UNA-NCA Annual Report.

The multiple giving options described below allow both you and UNA-NCA to benefit and thus continue and strengthen our programs in the National Capital Area.


Outright Gift Living Trust

Bequest in Will

Life Insurance Gift

Retirement Plan Gift

Real Estate Gift

What is it?

A donation of securities or personal property

A trust you establish to take effect during your lifetime

A gift you make by naming UNA-NCA in your will

A gift for an old or new policy with UNA-NCA named as beneficiary and owner

A gift made by naming UNA-NCA as remainder beneficiary after your death

A donation of real property, either in full or with a retained life estate

What are the Tax Benefits?

Income tax deduction for the value of the gift plus no capital gains tax due on appreciated property

Possible savings in estate taxes if UNA-NCA is the beneficiary of the trust remainder

Estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest to UNA-NCA

Immediate income tax deduction for gift's value, plus possible estate tax savings

Avoids income tax on the plan, in addition to possible estate tax savings

Immediate income tax deduction for the charitable value of the gift, plus no capital gains tax due

What are Other Benefits?

The ability to tailor your gift to UNA-NCA's immediate needs

Terms of the trust can be changed at any time

Gives you flexibility in providing for family needs first

Provides a way to make a significant gift with little expenditure

Preserves the plan's value and allows you to leave heirs less costly bequests

Can allow you to live in your home and still receive charitable deduction