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African Affairs Committee: Lydia Daniels, Janice Adeloye

Through a series of lectures, meetings and recreational activities, the African Affairs Committee supports the principles of the UN and promotes interaction among those interested in African affairs. More importantly, we strive to educate the members of the association as well as the general community about issues pertinent to the African continent by addressing the educational, cultural, political and social issues affecting Africa.

Our main goal is to bring together professionals in the DC area who are interested in the prosperity and development of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Committee is also a great opportunity for networking for professionals with ties to Sub-Saharan Africa.

DC for CEDAW: Karen Mulhauser

The UNA-NCA Board voted on February 10th, 2015 to form an ad hoc committee for the purpose of supporting citywide legislation, which embraces the principles of the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. (CEDAW). On March 3rd 2015, Councilmember David Grosso introduced the legislation. Unfortunately, there was not a hearing and a vote before the 2015/2016 legislative session ended. We are working to have it introduced again and will continue educating and advocating for a hearing before the DC Council Judiciary Committee and a vote this session. Learn more.

Several organizations have joined UNA-NCA as Supporting Organizations and UNA-NCA is continuing to recruit additional partners to encourage the DC Council to support the legislation and help bring gender equality to the Nation’s Capital. If you are a member of an organization that would like to support this effort, please email CEDAW@unanca.org

Human Rights Committee: Anna Garbar

human_rightsThe Human Rights Committee organizes events to promote the work of the UN and advocate for strong human rights protections, specifically those outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Volunteers on the committee strive to educate, engage, and lead the community in creating meaningful conversations about these issues and to inspire action. Each December, the committee hosts an annual Awards reception to commemorate Human Rights Day. This celebration of human rights champions recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to the human rights field. Some other ways committee members advocate for these issues is by lobbying members of congress, writing blogs, and signing-on to coalition letters. Through these tactics, the Human Rights Committee is able to shine a spotlight on challenging topics that can’t be ignored. 

International Law Committee: Robert Craft, Jr.Renee Dopplick

The International Law committee will foster dialogue concerning the UN and international law. The committee meets periodically to discuss and plan programs involving international law implications of the United Nations operations in current world affairs. Programs presented over the last several years include: a three-part series on the Role of the Use of Force with special attention to Syria, Iran and Cyber-Threats; Remedies for Misconduct by UN Peacekeepers—Haiti and elsewhere; and the Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal. Membership is not limited to lawyers.

Peace and Security Committee: Richard Ponzio, Patrick Realiza

The Peace and Security Committee promotes the core principles of the UN concerning the peace and security of the global community. Through a series of events and mixers we aim to learn more about UN peace initiatives and examine US policies toward the UN's peace and security programs.

Sustainable Development Committee: Rene Pinilla

The Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) is focused on educating and promoting awareness of issues covering economic, environmental and social justice sustainability and the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in responding to these issues.

Young Professionals: Lanice Williams

Young Professionals is a DC-based network of individuals that works together to make a positive impact on the international community. Volunteering with YP exposes you to young professionals from varying backgrounds – whether diverse nationalities or opposing careers. Through collaboration, YP members volunteer their time to advocate for international issues and innovate new ideas on how to facilitate global exchange.


Standing Committees:


We also have opportunities for volunteers to serve on one of our standing committees.
  • Advocacy Committee: Gayatri Patel
    UNA-NCA’s advocacy efforts are focused around a core program of visits by our members to Senate and Congressional offices on Capitol Hill. These efforts are coupled with sustained follow-up to increase the chances of effectiveness in order to “educate, mobilize and inspire Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, to strengthen the United Nations system, and to press for constructive United States leadership in that system.” Our advocacy efforts focus on Congressional funding for UN peacekeeping, UN dues, and US foreign assistance related to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. We also advocate on other UN-related issues depending on the interest and participation of our members, and we work with other UNA-NCA committees and task forces to increase the effectiveness of their advocacy.
  • Communications: Sultana Ali
  • Finance: Tim Barner
  • Governance: Lauren Terrell
  • Investment: Tom Riesenberg
  • Membership: Kristen Hecht
  • Resource Development: Ambassador C. Steven McGann