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09 May 2018
Keynote Speaker Inspires Future IR Professionals at the UNA-NCA Spring Career Dinners
By Tselmegtsetseg Tsetsendelger, YP Communications Director, and Robert White, YP member

The UNA-NCA Spring Young Professionals’ Career Dinner was fortunate to have Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini, co-founder of the (International Civil Society Action Network) ICAN and former recipient of the UNA-NCA Perdita Huston Human Rights Award, as a keynote speaker this year. Sanam weaved stories of her own career journey and stories of other women from Nigeria to Afghanistan, about strength, and resiliency as an inspiring factor of her career and drive to continue her work. She spoke of the women in conflict zones rising above their uncertain climates to create lasting impact in their communities and why investing in women is proportionate to investing in the larger community.

“I have been fortunate because, in the 22 years of doing this work, I have always found the woman peacebuilder. I have also found that every one of them talks about the boys, the sons, the husbands, the fathers, and so forth. So through women, we get to everybody.”

In addition, Sanam outlined the challenges that tomorrow’s leaders will face in their fight to fulfill the promise of the UN Charter. To provide guidance and share lessons learned from her own career journey, Sanam imparted six thoughts on career choices for young professionals:

One: know yourself

Two: know when to reach out for knowledge or use your imagination for a solution

Three: have integrity

Four: have empathy

Five: care

Six: do with excellence

Following Sanam’s speech, the participants of the Career Dinner went to attend their respective dinner topics. This year the event featured six different topics ranging from 
Global Partnerships to International Education, during which the participants had the chance to discuss changing career fields, working in an uncertain political climate and engaging in the workforce as a young professional.

Every year the UNA-NCA Young Professionals’ team is excited to connect mid-career and expert professionals with passionate young professionals to deepen the participant’s knowledge of the field from an insider’s point of view. The next career dinner will take place in the fall of this year and we look forward to seeing you there!