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10 December 2019
UNA-NCA joins Student Delegation to Capitol Hill

Slicing through the buzz of the Russell Senate Offices was the distinct chatter of UNA-USA’s student delegation, eager to celebrate Human Rights Day by urging their senators to denounce the administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Our congressional members unite across party lines through their shared investment in the wellbeing of their constituents; our appeal is to engage all members by advocating for the implementation of innovative corporate practices and sustainable policy interventions. 

lobby_dayOur visit was timely- it coincided with the conclusion of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP25). Stagnant negotiations rendered states unable to reach a comprehensive deal regarding the standards and processes for carbon emissions management. The US joined Brazil, India, and China in condemning efforts by the European Union and numerous small island states to introduce effective regulations that would allow the international community to reach goals outlined by the UNFCCC and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Earlier this year, the administration’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2020 recommended devastating cuts to UN-related accounts. Due to the vigilant advocacy of grassroots organizations like UNA-USA, the president is expected to sign a Continuing Resolution by December 20th in order to avoid a government shutdown that will in turn preserve a percentage of funding for UN Peacekeeping Operations and the General Budget. However, the overall amount of funds allocated for global programs and peace-building initiatives remain unusually low.   

The US can no longer be considered a leader in the global arena of climate innovation- in its absence, international actors have failed to produce tangible options to mitigate the devastating threat of climate change. It is increasingly imperative that civil society must hold legislators directly accountable on climate action. 

The mass demonstrations that have taken plan across the globe may soon come to define 2019. Millions of people mobilized in order to demand that their leaders prioritize direct action on climate change; in the national capital area, hundreds of students went on strike “for our future” and marched on Capitol Hill. As we prepare to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, we must carve our path forward. UNA-USA’s advocacy day is a reminder to place the new generation at the forefront of these conversations. Our stories and direct experiences will shape policy and drive social progress as we enter the new decade. We must let the impact of climate action on our lives- our health, our neighborhoods, and our future- be heard. 

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