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12 February 2020
UN Funding Threatened: The FY '21 Budget Proposal

Earlier this week, the administration proposed a budget for 2021 that drastically slashes global accounts by upwards of 22%. UN-related accounts were even more heavily targeted: contributions to UN peacekeeping activities, for example, would be cut by 29% from FY’20; an account that finances U.S. dues payments for the UN Regular Budget and a plethora of UN specialized agencies would be slashed by more than 34%; and a key account that provides voluntary contributions to UNICEF, UNDP, OHCHR, and a number of other UN programs would be eliminated entirely.  In addition, as the Wuhan Coronavirus continues its rapid spread across the globe, the Administration’s budget also slashes funding for Global Health Programs by 34% compared to what Congress provided last year.

The U.S. currently owes almost $1 billion in arrears to UN Peacekeeping. If we fail to pay our dues to the UN, we put our country, and our planet, at risk. The approval and implementation of this budget would severely limit the UN’s capacity to facilitate critical, lifesaving work and threatens the safety and success of our peacekeeping allies. Simply put- these cuts are dangerous and not aligned with priorities of average Americans. 

We must hold our elected officials accountable and reaffirm our support for full UN funding. Take action now.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the FY '21 global budget, see the US Global Leadership Coalition's full report