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29 August 2017
Global Classrooms DC is Ready for Back to School

It’s back to school season, and Global Classrooms DC (GCDC) has been busy prepping for the new school year.

Based on valuable feedback from our stakeholders and program beneficiaries, GCDC just released its newly redesigned curriculum with more activities and mini-Model UN simulations. Educators will now have more flexibility and support, as well as students getting more opportunities to develop crucial skills, such as public speaking, writing, research, and collaboration.

GCDC’s curriculum also benefits from our new collaboration with the Culturfied Foundation, a Washington, DC not for profit organization dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding by promoting the richness, variety, and originality of every culture through the platform of arts, education, and special events. As they put it, “Culturfied Foundation is proud to collaborate with UNA-NCA to include a cultural component to the Model UN curriculum… to help Model UN participants understand that cultural exchanges through literature, music, business, sports, and art can be powerful tools to help create peace and partnerships between countries.”

But curriculum is not the only thing that GCDC has launched this month! Our Back to School Campaign is in full force, and we’re looking to support underserved and Title 1 classrooms and schools to participate in our program at a reduced or no cost. You can donate to the fundraising campaign here.

Last but not least, we’re excited to announce our topics for the 2017-2018 school year:


Students will research these various topics for the Fall 2017 Model UN Training Conference and the Spring 2018 Model UN Conference, and will represent various countries advocating for solutions to these global issues. Whether stopping the rise of child soldiers around the world, or finding new ways to produce and use energy to combat climate change, students will be exposed to a variety of issues affecting their world and communities today.

We’re looking forward to the new opportunities this year will bring! Stay up to date on our events and developments on our Facebook and Twitter.