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05 March 2013

2013 Call for Nominations for UNA-NCA Officer and Member-at-large positions

Nominations due March 20, 2013

The Governance Committee chaired by David Scotton and Melissa Wolfe invites UNA-NCA members to submit names of candidates, including themselves, for vacant officer and board member-at-large positions on the UNA-NCA Board of Directors.

According to UNA-NCA's bylaws, each member who has been in good standing for the preceding year should be given the opportunity to submit the name of any member in good standing for nomination for any vacant office or for membership on the Board of Directors.

Please submit names and a brief statement about nominee's qualifications by March 20, 2013 to Melissa Wolfe via fax at 703.683.7846.
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15 February 2013

US Funding is in Jeopardy

Schedule In-District Advocacy Meetings Feb. 15-28!

Across-the-board spending cuts could take effect March 27, and funding for the United Nations is in danger. Chapters can make their voices heard by scheduling face-to-face meetings in district with their members of Congress or their staffs to discuss the importance of full funding to the United Nations. Remember, a meeting with staff is just as important. In-district meetings are the most effective form of citizen advocacy, and we are here to help you make it happen! 

In preparation for your meeting, please see our tips on effective advocacy.

If you've scheduled an in-district meeting, let us know by emailing our Membership Team at membership@unausa.org.

15 February 2013

2013 Human Development Report

"The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World"

Release from the United Nations Development Programme: The 2013 Human Development Report will be launched on 14 March in Mexico City by President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark.

The 2013 Human Development Report examines the profound shift in global dynamics driven by the fast-rising powers of the developing world – and its implications for human development.
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05 February 2013

GCDC Youth Team Member Featured on Huffington Post

Philip O'Sullivan Discusses His Transition from Private to Public School

Philip contributed an article to HuffPost Teen about starting in a public high school after attending private schools for the previous seven years.  He likens it to moving from a house in the countryside to an apartment it the city.

Philip is a Freshman at the School Without Walls and will be participating in his first Model UN at the May 7th GCDC Conference at the State Department.  He is also a rower on the crew team.

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30 January 2013

"The Environment and Development in China: Domestic and International Implications"

The YP Asia-Pacific Committee co-hosted an event on the "The Environment and Development in China: Domestic and International Implications," with the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP), on Wednesday, January 30th.


The event featured four prominent speakers, Dr. Chip Barber from the State Department, Professor Bob Shepherd from the George Washington University, Damien Ma from the Eurasia Foundation, and Molly Walton from CSIS.  Before a crowd of approximately 60 attendees, the speakers each gave their perspective on the political, cultural, and environmental changes that have resulted from China's rapid development.  The panelists discussed how China's increasing need for resources has influenced its foreign policy in Africa, caused cultural shifts in both rural and urban areas, created potential evnironmental issues domestically from the increased use of coal, and put pressure on its water resources.  The panelists engaged in an active Q&A session with the attendees, most of whom were young professionals and students.

24 January 2013

Summary of Kerry Nomination Hearing

Senate Foreign Relations Committee

On Thursday, January 24th, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a confirmation hearing for Senator John Kerry, who has been nominated to serve as Secretary of State. In light of Senator Kerry’s nearly 29 years of service on the Committee (the last four as Chairman) and strong relationships with his colleagues, the hearing took on a largely deferential tone, though several Republican Senators continued to hammer the Administration on Benghazi. While there was relatively little in the way of direct mentions of the UN or discussion of U.S. engagement with the world body, several noteworthy exchanges from the Q&A portion of the hearing are highlighted below. In addition, it is worth noting that Senator Kerry, in his opening remarks, discussed America’s budgetary challenges and made a case for protecting the international affairs budget from drastic cuts.

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10 January 2013

New Interim Director of Global Education

UNA-NCA Welcomes Emily Brock

UNA-NCA is excited to announce a new Interim Director of Global Education, Emily Brock, to lead Global Classrooms DC through the spring semester. Emily was previously a Communications Program Assistant with UNA-NCA and will now be utilizing her background in education in this her new position.
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13 July 2012

When Teens Meet, Cultural Divides are Broken and Learning Happens

On July 12, the GCDC Youth Team had the amazing opportunity to meet four students from the Cyprus Friendship Program (CFP). The group of American and Cypriot teens learned about the two programs. GCDC also learned about the situation in Cyprus and felt that the best way to share the story and information about CFP was from the Cypriot teens. The four teens worked together to write the following article:


By Ariadne Hadjikyriacou, Ipek Angolemlı, Barkın Cihanlı, and Kyriacos Neophytou.

Would you ever be able to face your own brother as an enemy? Actually, this is common in the daily life of people in Cyprus, an island located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. From the 1960s onwards, there has been a conflict between the two communities: Turkish and Greek speaking Cypriots. This conflict escalated to a peak in 1974, when there was a Turkish invasion resulting in the occupation of 36% of the island and a physical separation of the two communities.
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