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01 November 2017

UNFPA Worlds Apart Report

Mr. Arthur Erken, Director of UNFPA, Division of Communication and Strategic Partnerships, and Editor in Chief of UNFPA's new report, "Worlds Apart: Reproductive Health and Rights In An Age of Inequality,"  presented the findings and his experience in meetings with leaders and local citizens around the world, emphasizing the gains made in countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia Rwanda, Lesotho and Jordan. In all of the successful cases of lowering maternal and infant death, he cited and described the narrowing of the gaps in wages for women, increase in the levels of education for women and girls, and the reduction or discrimination against women in the workplace. Concurrent with these social, educational and economic changes, come the opportunities for more clinical heath support for both prenatal care and examinations during pregnancy, qualified and experienced birth attendants, and counseling and access to contraceptive planning and practices. In turn the increased adoption of family planning practices, results in fewer children, more opportunity for women to then participate in the economy with greater training and work skills, increases in household income, and then better overall family health for all members of the family. He stressed the chain and linkages between improved maternal and child health and the key sustainable development goals adopted by the UN in 2015 and building on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals accomplished from 2000 to 2105, particularly increased levels of Girls education primary and secondary schools, the increases in policies for women to access paid opportunities in the work place, and the growing recognition by countries around the world that economies grow. With the greater opportunity and participation of women in economic endeavors beyond the traditional unpaid agricultural labor, an unequal burden is often placed on women, who also have large numbers of children born out of the absence of both education and availability of reproductive heath services.  
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31 October 2017

GCDC Educator Professional Development Workshop Provides Open Forum and Skills Development

On October 20, 2017, InterAction, an alliance organization in DC of 
US-based international organizations, graciously hosted the Global Classrooms DC Professional Development Workshop. Thanks to a generous grant from the Rotary Club Foundation of Washington, DC, the DSC_0585all-day session was geared towards middle and high school teachers from private, public charter, and public schools in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Educators shared their best practices to prepare their students for the upcoming Fall Training Model UN Conference, as well as sustaining year-round Model UN and global education programs.

Model UN is a great opportunity to involve students in international affairs through teaching them about UN actions and global issues, in addition to them participating in simulations where they are assigned countries to represent and advocate for on different issues – just like in the real United Nations. The activity is also one of the most 
effective ways to teach students writing, negotiation, researching, and public speaking skills. As a member of the GCDC Community, the year-round program, teachers get access to a full school year of 9-unit curriculum on UN policies, procedures, and global affairs to prepare the students. 
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27 October 2017

UN Day Concert at the Colombian Ambassador's Residence


Speech given by Stephen Moseley, President of UNA-NCA on October 27th for the Embassy Series at the Embassy of Colombia:

I am honored and delighted to be included in this evening’s program of the Embassy Series, so ably led by Jerome Barry, coming together on the International Day of the UN, celebrating the 72nd year since the signing of the UN Charter on October 24, 1945.

I am especially honored to be able to represent the UNA-NCA this evening in the residence of the Ambassador of Colombia, and in the presence of Ambassor Reyes and his colleagues, as their work and leadership with the all of the citizens of Colombia to bring about the Colombian peace accord is a great achievement. This is so noteworthy for all of us engaged in peacebuilding and development around the world, and at home in each of our countries, including here in the US and our own communities. I believe, and that United Nations will come to see, the detailed implementation plan for the Peace in Colombia is a great model to be watched and understood for its potential application not only to insure continued and lasting peace after conflict, but also could will be a model for planning and investment by other countries to be applied for long term  prevention in advance of violent conflict and civil war within a country.
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24 October 2017

2017 UN Day Celebration Through Advocacy on Capitol Hill

On October 24th and 25th, a UNA-NCA delegation of board members, past presidents, staff, interns, and volunteers advocated on Capitol Hill in celebration of the 72nd Anniversary of the United Nations. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. the UNA-NCA delegation met with Representatives, Senators, and their staffs from those districts, speaking in regards to strengthening the U.S.-UN partnerships, the UN budget, and UN reform.

Speaking with Congressman Donald Beyer’s (D-VA-8) office, they emphasized the critical impact that group advocacy has on the positive influence of the UN. As a medical doctor, Congressman Andy Harris’ (R-MD-1) office shared with UNA-NCA their focus on global health issues and the affect it has on the international community. Congressman Harris has a strong background in the medical field and serves on the Doctors Caucus.
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18 October 2017

Stand Up For U.S. Support of UNESCO

United States full engagement in UNESCO is essential for world progress in Science, Education, and Cultural Heritage.  Unfortunately, this past week President Trump, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson announced that the US will withdraw from its membership in UNESCO on December 31st, 2018.
Ambassador Haley stated their criticism of UNESCO's historic preservation designation and purported labeling of the City of Hebron and its historic religious monuments as being "Palestinian", and therefore an insult to Israel.  Yet "Palestine" was listed in parentheses at the end of the designation, simply as the place of the Site, not intending to indicate the monument was Palestinian. The sites in fact are fully recognized by UNESCO as being monuments of great significance throughout history to Jews, Christians and Muslim alike
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11 October 2017

UNA-NCA in the Spotlight!

UNA-NCA has recently been awarded with the following grants in recognition and support of its work:

  • The UN Federal Credit Unit awarded $1,000 for wining its Summer Membership Challenge encouraging members to take advantage of the unique benefits only available from a credit union that serves the UN community. Join UNFCU if you have not already!
  • UNA-USA awarded $750 as part of the Stand Up for Human Rights Campaign. Special appreciation to our Human Rights Committee leadership for working on the event proposal.  Learn more about the campaign here!   
  • The Rotary Foundation of Washington DC awarded UNA-NCA a $4,300 grant to enhance the professional development opportunities offered by its signature program Global Classrooms DC.


  • UNA-NCA’s DC for CEDAW Committee is partnering with the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law Legislation Clinic to conduct research about the gender audit process and D.C. government operations and to implement an advocacy plan with supporting local organizations. Learn more about the Cities for CEDAW initiative
  • UNA-NCA is partnering with the Better World Campaign/UNA-USA to develop and pilot brand new curriculum for the UNA-USA Model UN app on the refugee crises in Syria and Yemen to be launched later this month. Stay tuned!   
  • UNA-NCA is partnering with the Culturfied Foundation, a Washington, DC not for profit organization dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding by promoting the richness, variety, and originality of every culture through arts, education, and special events. Our work together will add a cultural component to the Global Classrooms DC Model UN curriculum and build cultural competence.

04 October 2017

UN Peace & Security Secretariat Reforms: An Important Step Forward?

By Richard Ponzio
Co-Chair, UNA-NCA Peace & Security Committee

September 22, 2017

With world leaders converging on New York this past week for the annual “UNGA” jamboree – including Monday’s high-level meeting on UN reform presided over by U.S. President Trump – even seasoned practitioners and analysts within our community may have missed Secretary-General António Guterres’ public announcement of his much-anticipated reform proposals under the heading “Restructuring of the Peace and Security Pillar” (See below).  Representing potentially far-reaching improvements in how the United Nations delivers on serving the needs and aspirations of billions of people for a more peaceful and just world, it is important that peacebuilders everywhere raise awareness, debate, question, and lend their support and additional ideas to key aspects of this innovation and modernization agenda.
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27 September 2017

Looking for a Solution to the North Korean Nuclear Threat

On September 20th in the Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Office Building, the UNA-NCA and its International Law Committee held a lively and very topical panel discussion on the threat posed by North Korean nuclear weapons and weapon delivery vehicles, North Korea's international behavior and objectives, UN sanctions, suggestions for U.S. policy, and possible future outcomes.

The speakers were Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr. (retired), a U.S. diplomat who has participated at a senior level in every major arms control and non-proliferation negotiation in which the United States took part from 1970 to 1997, and Missy Ryan, National Security Reporter, The Washington Post, who happens to be Ambassador Graham’s daughter. After an introduction by Bob Kraft, Co- Chair of the International Law Committee, the panel discussion was ably moderated by Renee Dopplick, NCA Board member and the new Co-Chair of the Committee.

Speaking from the perspective of a longstanding observer of North Korea(DPRK) and participant in US nuclear non-proliferation policymaking, Ambassador Graham recounted the decades of past efforts to address North Korea’s nuclear program and worried that this may be a challenge without a solution. Having performed at least six nuclear tests, fired a intercontinental ballistic missile over Japan, and threatened the US territory of Guam, North Korea has escalated tensions to unprecedented levels. Since September 20th, as Kim Jong Un and President Trump have exchanged insults and threats, drawing global media coverage, North Korea has announced plans to explode a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, stated that the US has declared war on the DPRK, and threatened to shoot down US aircraft in international air space. What is different about the situation today, according to Ambassador Graham, is that North Korea is very close to, and may even actually have, the capability to carry out a nuclear attack on the US mainland.
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