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14 September 2017

UNA-NCA Policy Review Paper on Peacekeeping Reform


Reform of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Would Serve Important US National Security Interests 

In her first opportunity to chair the Security Council last April, Ambassador Nikki Haley made UN Peacekeeping operations a top priority on the Council’s agenda.  Her objective was to consider “how the UN’s most powerful tool to promote international peace and security” can be made more “effective” and “efficient.” She set forth four reform priorities: Support for political solutions, host country cooperation, realistic and achievable mandates, and an exit strategy. 

The UN Secretary General shares a commitment to UN Reform.  Secretary General António Guterres has stressed “accountability and transparency,” better integration and coordination among UN entities, upgrading the governing structures and Member State oversight, and delegating operational authority to the field. Ambassador Haley has pledged full support for the Secretary General’s “bold strategy” to “advance organizational reforms.”

On the issue of sexual exploitation and human rights violations by peacekeepers, the Secretary General has called for a September 18th Circle of Leadership requesting heads of state or governments to sign a Compact agreeing to certify that citizens who serve the UN “have not committed, or alleged to have committed, criminal offenses, including of a sexual nature, and/or violations of human rights law or international humanitarian law.” The Compact further provides for credible international investigations of both military and civilian personnel charged with such violations.
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29 August 2017

Global Classrooms DC is Ready for Back to School

It’s back to school season, and Global Classrooms DC (GCDC) has been busy prepping for the new school year.

Based on valuable feedback from our stakeholders and program beneficiaries, GCDC just released its newly redesigned curriculum with more activities and mini-Model UN simulations. Educators will now have more flexibility and support, as well as students getting more opportunities to develop crucial skills, such as public speaking, writing, research, and collaboration.

GCDC’s curriculum also benefits from our new collaboration with the Culturfied Foundation, a Washington, DC not for profit organization dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding by promoting the richness, variety, and originality of every culture through the platform of arts, education, and special events. As they put it, “Culturfied Foundation is proud to collaborate with UNA-NCA to include a cultural component to the Model UN curriculum… to help Model UN participants understand that cultural exchanges through literature, music, business, sports, and art can be powerful tools to help create peace and partnerships between countries.”
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29 August 2017

UNA-NCA Says Goodbye to Writer and Human Rights Activist Page Wilson

UNA-NCA Says Goodbye to Writer and Human Rights Activist Page Wilson



We are deeply saddened to learn of Page Wilson's passing at age 99. Since her involvement with UNA-NCA in the 1990s, we shared many wonderful memories and experienced firsthand her deep commitment to human rights, women’s equity, children, and the environment. These were just some of the many ways that Page engaged with UNA-NCA’s education and advocacy activities. 

We especially recall the love for her mentee Perdita Huston. After Perdita’s death in 2001 to ovarian cancer, Page joined an effort to raise funds for an annual $10,000 cash award. These awards were given to outstanding advocates for women's rights from developing countries, whose lives reflected Perdita’s values. Page also lead UNA-NCA's Sustainable Development Committee. Under her leadership, she organized an important event at American University with climate change lead scientist, Dr. James Hansen. 

Page served several years on UNA-NCA's Board of Directors and later in its Advisory Council, and was a generous supporter. UNA-NCA recognized her dedication and commitment by granting her the Evelyn Falkowski Volunteer Service Award. 

We will miss Page’s easy wit and loving attention to the people and issues that were so important to her. There will be a memorial to celebrate her life later in the fall. Contributions in Page's honor can be made to United Nations Association of the National Capital Area or for a scholarship in her name to the Clarke Law School.

24 August 2017

UNA-NCA Welcomes New Global Education Staff

UNA-NCA wishes the best to Global Education Director Megan Penn, and welcomes Nicole Bohannan as Global Education Managing Director

After 2 years and a half, our Global Education Director Megan Penn, will be moving on to pursue an intense certificate program at the New York Code and Design Academy (DC campus). Megan's last day in the office will be August 24.

During her time at UNA-NCA, Megan has significantly strengthened our signature education program Global Classrooms DC (GCDC) which, during her leadership, expanded and diversified bringing new audiences, partners and improved program offerings. We are very grateful for her contributions.

"I have continued to be enthusiastic and impressed by the youth that come through GCDC, and their ability to respectfully discuss important and complex issues. It makes me excited for the future! …  It is wonderful to have been part of a community that is interested and willing to advance global education, international understanding and inclusion, and encourage youth leadership.” - Megan Penn   

We are pleased to announce that Nicole Bohannon will be joining the UNA-NCA staff as its Global Education Managing Director effective August 25. Nicole brings extensive Model UN and advocacy experience. She previously served as GCDC Program Manager, where she worked to organize the program's Model UN Conferences, to develop new and engaging curriculum for the year-round program, and to make Global Classroom DC more sustainable and dynamic. Nicole also served as the GCDC Program Coordinator.

We wish Megan much luck in her studies and welcome Nicole in her new role!

23 August 2017

Global Classrooms DC Back to School Campaign

It’s that time of the year: back to school! Global Classrooms DC (GCDC), the flagship education program of the UN Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA), is launching its annual back-to-school campaign. Donations help support public and public charter students in the Washington,DC-area, mainly those attending Title 1 schools, to participate and attend GCDC Model UN conferences. Through original global education curriculum and Model UN mini-simulations, GCDC helps prepare globally aware citizens, educating students in grades 5-12 on international issues and the work of the UN, while strengthening key skills including public speaking, negotiation, and writing.

From now through September, help support a local student or group participate in GCDC during the 2017-2018 school year. Your support will help allow us to continue offering FREE and reduced cost program services to GCDC's public and public charter school students in the Washington, DC-area.

Find out more about the campaign and donate here!

23 August 2017

Coverage From Leaders in Energy's Green Jobs Forum

On August 17, UNA-NCA partnered with Leaders in Energy on their annual Green Jobs Forum. This program brought together individuals interested in green industry (renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc.) careers and involvement with those having expertise and/or career opportunities available.  The event had a local to global focus, particularly exploring the DC Metro region, and incorporated Sustainable Development Goal content for SDG # 7, Clean Affordable Energy, and SDG # 8, Decent Work.  There were exhibitors at the event, who were promoting clean energy solutions and related career development. Formal remarks included opening comments from Janine Finnell, Executive Director of Leaders in Energy, and from Ken Lemberg, UNA-NCA Sustainable Development Committee member. Other UNA-NCA members were in attendance as well. The formal presentations incorporated two panels: one with industry experts, helping set the stage for background industry information, and the other with practitioners who managed to get green related jobs in the recent past. The participant audience was engaged and there was helpful social networkng during the event.GREEN2GREEN1

Photos courtesy Agustín Cruz, ArlingtonGreen,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

22 August 2017

Farewell and Thank You to UNA-NCA's 2017 Summer Program Assistants

“Program Assistants are such a vibrant part of UNA-NCA. They bring ideas, passion, and above all, an amazing commitment to our mission of building a strong US-UN partnership. Getting to know them every semester and seeing them grow professionally is one of the things I enjoyed the most. UNA-NCA is grateful for the wonderful contributions all and each one of them make. Thank you!” Paula Boland, Executive Director

"This summer we were lucky enough to have a great group of summer program assistants. Each one brought great energy to the office on a daily basis and was a pleasure to work with due to their professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on new tasks. I wish them all the best as they head back to school and their future endeavors. I am excited to see what they will accomplish." Megan Penn, Director of Global Education
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16 August 2017

Statement from UNA-NCA President Stephen F. Moseley on the Violence in Charlottesville

From the President of UNA-NCA

Our UNA-NCA Chapter joins with fellow citizens and neighbors to condemn the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12 and 13th, resulting from the assembly of white supremacist demonstrators and their organizers. UNA-NCA’s mission is to espouse the rights of all peoples of the world, and in our communities here in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, to gather and peacefully express their opinions in order to foster better understanding and cooperation. Our American Constitutional rights of assembly and free speech, as well as the rights of others to assemble and express opposing opinions, are still subject to reasonable boundaries which must respect the peaceful rights of all to express themselves without violence.

All of us must strongly condemn any and all expressions of racism, anti-Semitism or intolerance. There are not two moral sides in the dispute between neo-Nazi ideology and those who oppose it. Groups who proffer neo-Nazi views encourage the hatred of, and incite violence against, other races and religions. The goal of such groups, as has been demonstrated throughout history, as well as the recent events in Charlottesville, is to suppress any legitimate opposition through violence and intimidation. Any ideology that seeks to suppress opposing views through intimidation or violence cannot be countenanced by any interpretation of our constitutional rights nor by any person of moral character.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, modeled in many ways upon our own American Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, also makes clear that we can never condone views that incite violence against or hatred of others. Our association will always oppose those who advocate for racial supremacy, discrimination, or intolerance. We therefore applaud and welcome the Virginia Governor’s call for an investigation of the horrendous actions and violence experienced in Charlottesville. Our Federal Justice system must underline and make clear that Constitutional protections of free speech and our tradition of public discourse cannot be used as a shield for incendiary views that encourage acts of violence.

We have witnessed too often violations of human rights in other countries, including member states of the United Nations. Often these violations are enshrined in imperfect laws and led by both private and public oppressors with authority. We must stand up to stop any such violations in this country whether it be a demonstration of hatred at the local level or a coordinated assault on voting rights at the national level. We must also join with other nations to support the freedoms and rights of people everywhere. Through the UNA-NCA's Human Rights Committee's work and our other education and advocacy programs, we are dedicated to fostering human justice and peaceful resolution of differences. UNA-NCA will continue to espouse our principles for inclusion and tolerance of all people regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, race and religion or economic status, including all immigrants, people of color, refugees, and women and children whose rights are protected by our laws and system of justice. Where intolerance, lack of common decency and failure to recognize the humanity and dignity of all people results in violations of justice by private or governmental groups, we must work together to call for tolerance and peaceful dialogue, and respect for all peoples rights in our communities.

UNA-NCA is the Chapter of the UNA-USA which represents the communities and people from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, with about 1,200 members with great diversity including youth, young professionals and adults who are citizens and working and volunteering together for these beliefs and to help support the effectiveness of the United Nations, and support of it by the people and government of the U.S. Never has this been so important for all of us to apply these principles in our own communities. Join us in standing up and speaking out for tolerance and inclusion of all.

Stephen F. Moseley
President, United Nations Association of the National Capital Area

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