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Young Professionals 

YP Leadership: Creating Community

Young Professionals (YP) is a UNA-NCA Task Force that recognizes the UNA-NCA Bylaws and is governed by its own YP Leadership. YP Leaders are recruited as positions become available for its Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Committee Leaders. 

Biographies for all YP Leadership forthcoming

Executive Committee

Chair and Vice President 
Courtney Eskew

Matthew Corso

Eric Shaw

Deputy Director of Communications
Christopher Teed

Director of Membership
Laura Olsen

Deputy Director of Membership
Kate Jinghua Zhou 

Director of Events
Nina Ravi

Director of Events
Jillian Cardillo

Jessica Mueller

Board of Directors

Co-Director, Africa Committee
Dshawna Bernard

Co-Director, Africa Committee
Sheena Shah

Director, Asia-Pacific Committee
Greg Cooper

Co-Director, International Economic Development Committee
Anastasia Dorokhina

Co-Director, International Economic Development Committee
Kasara Davidson

Co-Director, Human Rights Committee
Seng Peng

Co-Director, Human Rights Committee
Alice Gomez

Director, International Law Committee
Leila Hafani

Director, Latin America & Caribbean Committee
Melanie Reingardt

Director, Middle East Committee
Paula Villegas

Co-Director, Peace & Security Committee
Jared Bell

Co-Director, Peace & Security Committee
Lauren Demeter

Co-Director, Women & Gender Committee
Laura Blake

Co-Director, Women & Gender Committee
Yeukai Mudzi

Committee Leadership

Deputy Director, Africa Committee
Simona Ross

Events Lead, Africa Committee
Samuel Woo

Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific Committee
Kanako Kashima

Deputy Director, International Economic Development Committee
Jessica Sardella

Membership Lead, International Economic Development Committee
Wei Jiang

Deputy-Director, Human Rights Committee
Maura Ehmer

Membership Lead, Human Rights Committee
James Duggan

Deputy Director, International Law Committee
Stephen Rosenlund

Membership & Communications Lead, International Law Committee
Mohammad Shouman

Deputy Director, Middle East Committee
Tara Liaghat

Deputy Director, Latin America & Caribbean Committee
Abraham Smith

Events Lead, Latin America & Caribbean Committee
Emily Kenney

Deputy Director, Peace & Security Committee
Ning “Ginny” Jin