Position Description: Vice Chair of Programs
This position works with the President, Board of Directors, Committees of the Board, and Senior Staff to execute UNA-NCA Programming, and establish programming standards, policies, and priorities for the organization, and outreach to partners. Work with executive committee, board, senior staff, and volunteers to determine goals for organization programming and define best practices. Promote the organization’s brand and ensure that all programming achieves the mission and goals of UNA-NCA.

This position shall report to the President and serve on the UNA-NCA executive committee. Per UNA-NCA’s bylaws, a person shall hold office for two years in this role and may serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

The Vice Chair of Program’s key responsibilities include the following:

  • Serves as the Program Committee lead to both the executive committee and the board on UNA-NCA programming.
  • Help facilitate a programs management process and provide consulting expertise for staff working on programs and with committees.
  • Work with executive committee, board, committee leaders and staff to drive and influence educational programming decision-making and act as a program’s counselor to UNA-NCA’s leadership.
  • Implements and reports on the progress of the strategic plan established in the strategic planning process. 

UNA-NCA Programs Operations

  • Develop clearly articulated program goals that align with the UNA-NCA strategic plan and the SDGs.
  • Increase brand identity, broaden awareness of programs and events by establishing operational and communications best practices and key communications channels.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities to UNA-NCA programming; work with Board, Executive Committee, volunteers, and staff to propose and implement practical solutions.
  • Develop processes that ensure appropriate methods and content, develop outreach plans and communications standards across the organization.
  • This position should keep regular contact with UNA-USA staff, board, executive committee, and communications volunteers to ensure messaging alignment.

Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning

  • Develop an evaluation structure to measure program efficacy while gathering participants’ voices to illuminate how UNA-NCA achieves its goals.
  • Define program standards, prioritize activities, develop content and promote the organization and events.
  • Recruit volunteers and partners for program development by working with the UNA-NCA staff and committees.
  • Encourage and help build strategic partnerships through programming. 

Additional Expectations 

  • Must be a UNA-NCA member in good standing. 
  • Commitment to UNA-NCA’s mission. 
  • Ability to attend UNA-NCA board and executive committee meetings (a total of one 2-hour meeting per month).