Position Description: Vice Chair of Finance & Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records for UNA-NCA, including providing oversight for all banking, events, and fundraising activities. The Treasurer must ensure financial compliance with all applicable laws and provide information to the Chair of the Board and the UNA-USA national office membership team on all financial matters of UNA-NCA. He/she works with the Chair of the Board and the President to prepare the financial section of UNA-NCA’s annual report. During Chapter Board meetings, the Treasurer should report actual financials versus the budget and ensure that all Board members understand the report. The Treasurer should keep regular contact with the national office to ensure compliance with internal and Federal compliance standards. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to know what forms must be filed with the appropriate State and Federal entities and what information is required by the national office in order to avoid fines, the revocation of UNA-NCA’s 501 (c) (3) status and/or, as appropriate, and itsregistration as a charitable organization for fundraising purposes.

The Treasurer or designee shall place all funds of UNA-NCA in a banking institution, mutual fund, or brokerage firm regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The account shall be in the name of UNA-NCA.  Withdrawal of such funds shall be made only by check.  Except as provided below, checks shall be signed by two of the following: Chair of the Board, Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Committee, and the President of UNA-NCA, all of whom shall be bonded.  In addition, any other person with responsibility for the financial affairs of UNA-NCA shall be bonded.  The President may issue the following without obtaining an additional signature: checks for rent and other operational expenses consistent with the amount in the budget authorized by the Board, and other checks for programs and projects authorized by the Board up to $1,500.  The President may also, by himself or herself, transfer funds between UNA-NCA accounts, duly established by any two of the qualified individuals noted above.