Scott Stiens
Mr. Stiens has served in the US Federal Government for more than twenty years.  Currently he has served since 2001 as diplomat with the Department of State and US Agency for International Development (USAID).  In his current post, Mr. Stiens oversees the coordination of US Foreign Assistance budget for the Director of Foreign Assistance within the Secretary’s office. In prior positions, Mr. Stiens oversaw performance reporting for USAID to Congress and the White House. This Performance and Accountability Report was shared internationally with host governments, donors, and partners. Prior to an international career, Mr. Stiens served for the Assistant Secretary of Policy and Planning at the Department of Veterans Affairs, served as US Congressional Staff with the House Veterans Affairs Committee, as well as served in the Clinton White House on health policy issues.  Mr. Stiens has served as Treasurer for the DVA Federal Credit Union. He coaches Special Olympics swimming.  He holds master’s degrees in International Health from Cambridge University (UK), International Finance from Xavier University (OH), Information Systems from George Washington University (DC), as well as Information Leadership and Security from the National Defense University, home to the National War College.