Dr. Karen Byrnes

Dr. Karen Byrnes is the Manager of Global Giving Accounts and Business Development at TOM's, a multi-sectoral shoe company with a unique founding approach of giving one new pair of shoes to people in need for each pair purchased by its customers. TOMS is currently working on a new program with their coffee product to provide a week’s volume of clean water to a family for each pound of their coffee sold.

Dr. Byrnes has been at TOMS in several roles from 2012 to the present.  Between 2010 and 2012, Dr. Byrnes was Associate Director, Policy Core, at the Center for HIV identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services in Los Angeles and at the California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center from 2009 to 2012.

She previously served as a Social Policy Academic Specialist at UNICEF in Swaziland; before that post, she worked as an Emergency Service Coordinator for the Count of San Diego. She began her distinguished career with Helen Keller International as a Regional Trachoma Representative, and was a Natural Resources Management Volunteer for the Peace Corps.

Dr. Byrnes holds a PhD in Public Health from UCLA's School of Public Health, a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona, and an MPP, International Public Health Policy degree from University of California, Los Angeles.