Beverly Kirk

Fellow and Deputy Director for Outreach, International Security Program, and Program Manager, Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative

Topics: Defense and Security, Geopolitics, and International Security

Focus: International Security Program, Smart Women, Smart Power


Beverly Kirk is a fellow and deputy director for outreach in the CSIS International Security Program and program manager of the CSIS Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative. She previously was director of the iDeas Lab, the multimedia production and design studio at CSIS. Before joining CSIS, Kirk was a journalist and worked for local and national news organizations, including NBC, NPR, and PBS. She spent much of her career focused on domestic and international politics and government.
She also founded a media consulting company and has expertise in media curriculum design. She is a member of the adjunct faculty at the American University School of Communication.

Kirk holds an M.A. in diplomacy and international commerce with a concentration in international politics and national security from the University of Kentucky and is a summa cum laude graduate of Western Kentucky University with degrees in history and broadcast journalism.

Source: CSIS