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14 December 2015
Statement from Our President on the Paris Conference
Seventy years after visionary US leadership led to the founding of the United Nations, the United States again leads 195 countries in reaching a global climate change  agreement. This is the kind of leadership that is desperately needed in addressing the challenges of the 21st century—challenges that do not respect sovereign borders. The United Nations can be an effective facilitator, but Paris shows once again that the world powers must lead to achieve concrete results.

It is an agreement that  relies upon pragmatism, individual State initiative, private sector ingenuity, and compromise— American  values that underpin our economic strength. Recognizing that its aspirational goals cannot be met with existing technology, the agreement constitutes a collective pledge to make incremental progress and adjustments along the way as each nation contributes its special talents in the context of its economic conditions.

The agreement is not without risk in that it requires continued US leadership to achieve success. It sets the global community on a transformative path that  will reduce carbon dependency and replace it with alternative energy sources—this will happen as sure as the automobile replaced the horse and buggy and the cell phone replaces  the landline and the telegraph. It presents a challenge that the United States—with our innovative and inventive economy—is uniquely positioned to meet. The only question is will the US continue its leadership role which now presents enormous opportunities for economic growth domestically and globally.

UNA-NCA congratulates  the United Nations, UNFCCC, COP21, and the Administration for establishing both the framework for progress on climate change and the opportunity for economic growth and sustainable development which it provides.


Ambassador Donald T. Bliss (Retired)
UNA-NCA President