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29 March 2016
Statement from UNA-NCA President on Recent Terror Attacks

From the President of UNA-NCA

The tragedies in Lahore and Brussels are beyond our ability to comprehend. UNA-NCA sends our condolences to the families of the victims and to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Belgium.

The increasing number of terrorist attacks around the globe should rededicate us at UNA-NCA to our mission of promoting global cooperation in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. Clearly there is an immediate and urgent need for increased cooperation in sharing intelligence and using technology including social media to combat the "appeal" of terrorist organizations primarily to young men who feel alienated and without hope in the states where they reside.

Equally as important is the work we are doing to increase public understanding of the United Nations' Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Governments at all levels, civil society, and the private sector must work together to address the root causes of alienation and lack of hope and opportunity - extreme poverty, ethnic and religious conflict, income inequality, educational opportunity, and access to good jobs, among others. As you know, this continues to be a major undertaking of UNA-NCA. We need to relate our work on the Global Goals to our efforts to strengthen the United Nations' capacity to meet its central mission of maintaining peace and security. Through such efforts, we can, over time, reduce the threat of failed and failing states as breeding grounds for terrorism and increase the opportunity and hope of all alienated populations, wherever they may reside. While we must be vigilant in addressing the symptoms, we cannot ignore the root causes as well.


Ambassador Donald T. Bliss (ret.)